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About Us--
Australia has a love affair with Thai food. It started casually at the corner Thai cafe. We were seduced by the coconut milk, the chilli kick and the exotic lemon grass. We got used to the fish sauce. Thai was quick and cheap and we loved it.

The complexity of traditional Thai caught our breath and we fell in love all over again. We respect that the balance of flavours must be preserved at all cost. We are committed.
A Thai meal is an exquisite balance of sweet, salty, sour and hot. The defining flavours are authentic green produce, fish sauce, chilli pastes and coconut milk. Salt is rarely used as fish sauce provides that element along with the strong Thai soy sauce.

Garden produce - coriander, ginger, tumeric, native basil, lemon grass, mint and tamarind - must be fresh as must be the seafood. Traditionally, rice is the centrepiece of the meal to be shared with family and friends.
With a commitment to freshness, we use local produce while taking pains to protect the cuisine's integrity. Thai Satay Hut has it's own market garden.
"We have access to the necessary authentic produce,
which at times we compliment with local produce
that may be different from what you find in Thailand."
  Australians are not coy about Thai food.
"Our customers come for the big strong flavours.
There's nothing polite about sweet, salty, sour and hot."
We know it well now and we want you to experience at home the authentic flavours of our restaurant.


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